You can, you must take action!

Contact your local elected officials, as well as prominent Republicans (and Democrats) by telephone, fax and/or email.  This can be done in very little time.
Step 1 - Email

Send email to the following people, (just click the email links):

Governor George E. Pataki,

Senator John McCain

Vice President Al Gore

Senator Tom Daschle (Dem)

Rep. Richard Gephardt (Dem)

Use the Blaster to send batch email.  Select "Send Batch Email", write your message, then choose a file of recipients.



"Talking Points"

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney won the election.

Al Gore must concede for the good of the country.

Manual, subjective recounts are wrong.

It is illegal and unfair to change the rules of the election after election day.

Attempts to persuade or intimidate electors will not be tolerated by the American public.


Step 2 - Sign Petitions demanding that Vice President Gore concede.

We recommend the following links, each can be completed in just a few moments.


Step 3 - Email the media

Tell them how you feel and that their "slanted" coverage is wrong!  

Step 4 - Call and/or Fax

Senator John McCain  Phone (202) 224-2235,  Fax (202) 228-2862

Chief Justice William Rehnquist  Phone: (202) 479-3000, (202) 479-3014

Senator Thomas Daschle  Phone (202) 224-2321

Representative Richard Gephardt  Phone (202) 225-2671

If you still have time on your hands:
  • Go to our Get Involved page where you can find additional email links (and some phone numbers) for elected officials and news organizations, and send some more email.
  • Go to, where you can write one email message, then have it sent to numerous recipients (house/senate democrats or republicans, news organizations, etc).

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